We believe that...
less is more
simple is beautiful
life is lived in the now

About the Brand

Intention is at the heart of everything we do. We believe it's the simple moments that are often the most special and that the simple memories evoke the most meaning; picking strawberries in the garden, reading bedtime stories, baking a cake together. Everything we make is designed to help you cherish the simple moments that happen every day. From beautifully bound books to hand letter-pressed cards, all our products are made and designed in the UK, using only the highest quality materials.

About the Blog

The Simple Stories is an online destination that celebrates a simple but intentional life.  We love simple homes, simple food and simple lives. With stories about food, motherhood, wellness and lifestyle, our aim is to inspire readers to live more slowly and intentionally. To celebrate the little, everyday moments that make up life.

About Emily

Emily is a designer, simplicity seeker, and believer in celebrating the simple things in life. Creator of Birthday Letters to my Baby and The Essential Planner, Emily is passionate about helping people cherish every day, simplify their lives and live with intention. Through her brand and blog, Emily shares her belief that life is in the small, seemingly ordinary moments and that little changes can make a big difference to ourselves, the people around us and our beautiful planet.

Images by Natasa Leoni