Welcome to The Simple Stories


Welcome to The Simple Stories; a new name and a new website. A name that encompasses the values of the brand more than my name alone ever could.

When I started my company the goal was simple: make beautiful stationery to celebrate the most special moments in peoples lives, but over the last two years things have shifted greatly.

When I created Birthday Letters to my Baby a deeper passion was revealed; a desire to help people cherish the everyday simple moments just as much as the special ones. A recognition for the importance of the stories we tell and the memories we make. A desire to inspire people to live lives of imperfect beauty.

With new a brand comes a new blog; a place for stories that will hopefully inspire you to live more slowly and intentionally. There are also new products in the pipeline that I am working on as we speak.

In the future I hope The Simple Stories will become an all encompassing lifestyle brand that champions a simple, intentional life with every product designed to support a beautiful minimal life, and made with provenance in mind.

Thank you for joining me on this most extraordinary everyday journey.

Emily x

Emily Rollings