What I'm doing in March


And just like that it’s almost March. The weather last week almost seemed summer-like and I’ve actually enjoyed a few lunches in the garden and some lovely walks with no jumper necessary! It might be a bit early for spring to stick around but I’m certainly looking forward to my favourite time or year and the longer days ahead. Our main preoccupation this month is preparing for a four month road trip around the UK. We head off in April, so there’s lots to do in the next four weeks!

I thought I’d share a few other things I’m looking forward to in March:

  1. Spring decluttering and learning to pack light

    I think Spring is the perfect time to create a bit of space in your home and for us we have an even bigger challenge: packing for a four month trip with two kiddos!

  2. Smoothies are back on the menu

    I find smoothies the most energising food to start my day with. They always give me tonnes of energy and never leave me feeling sluggish. Some of my favourite recipes are from Simple Green Smoothies

  3. Reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

    I’m such a believer that children need simplicity as much as adults and this book is supposed to be a must read for parents looking to bring some minimalism into their home

  4. Pancake Making

    Pancake Day might be one of my favourite days of the year and these Berry Pancakes take the day to another level (plus they are vegan!!)

Image Credits: 1) Suitcase 2) Smoothies 3) Pancakes

Emily Rollings