Plan less; live more



I’ve always been a bit of striver; pushing to get everything done, meet everyone’s expectations and feel like I did a good enough job when my head hits the pillow each day. As each year has passed, bringing more responsibilities with it, it’s got harder to live this way and actually feel content. By this summer I was well and truly over it; over looking for the perfect system to keep everything organised and over feeling like no matter how much I did it was never enough. And I know I’m not alone.

I realised the simple answer had been staring me right in the face: do less. Stop expecting to fit so much into one day and actually live the day instead. Play with my children, gaze out the window for bit, and be ok with the work I achieved, however much that was. I set out to look for a planner that would not only support me doing less but actually encourage it. (Spoiler alert) I didn’t find one. So I made one. Enter The Essential Planner.

The Essential Planner has one aim above all else, decide how you actually want to spend your days and live that. Of course many of us have jobs, families, friends that require things from us, but if you’d rather read a book for an hour than bake a cake from scratch, then buy the cake, or even RSVP no to the party (if you want to).

I used the word Essential because I truly only want you to fill it with the things that you deem essential. Get rid of the expectations to always be doing more and just do what matters.

With this in mind the planner is structured a bit differently to other planners. For each month there is a month view calendar, so you can note down important dates. Rather than daily task lists, and schedules The Essential Planner  has one double page spread for the whole week; one page for your tasks and one page for your fun. Simple and easy to keep everything in one place.

The thing about daily task lists is that they’re just another way to convince you to do more; more space to fill equals more jobs to do. I often find many of my tasks spill over to the next day anyway, so why not aim to get them done by the end of the week, rather than the end of the day. Way less pressure. The bonus is, less space for jobs, means less jobs, which ultimately means you have ask yourself, do I want to do this? Does it actually matter?

As for schedule sections, controversially, I don’t really believe in them. Hourly schedule slots just encourage us to fill our days, leaving no space to breathe or be still. Personally I use my iCal for appointments, as it means they can be moved without the employment of tippex, and I can share them with my husband.

As you can probably tell, The Essential Planner  is a little different, but in a world of planners telling you to be more productive, more grateful, more organised, I wanted to say; what if we all decided to be happy, just as we are? What if we replaced more with less?

The truth is, no planner will ever change your life, but making space to live how you love might. I hope The Essential Planner  will help you create this space.

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Emily Rollings