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The Essential Planner Undated

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Made in England.

In a world that is constantly telling you to do more, we say do what matters. This is what The Essential Planner is all about.

Always searching for a better way to organise everything I wanted do, and figure out to how to fit it all in, I eventually realised the answer was simple; have less to do.

It is so easy to get caught up in everything you ‘should’ be doing and never stop to think about whether you want to do it; whether it’s how you want to spend you precious time.

So I made The Essential Planner. Utterly simple in it’s design, The Essential Planner is focused on actively encouraging you do less and in this new found space, discover and have time for what really matters.

The truth is, no planner will ever change your life, but making space to live how you love might. I hope The Essential Planner will help you create this space

As with all our stationery, the design is minimal and elegant and huge attention to detail has been put into using the highest quality materials. The Essential Planner is designed and printed in the UK.

This is the undated version of The Essential Planner and can be started at any point during the year.