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A simple September

A simple September


As summer draws to a close I usually find myself feeling conflicted, one part of me in disbelief that the long warm days of summer have passed so quickly, another part of me exicted for the cosiest season of all, just about to begin.

I often find that the transistion between seasons inspires a bit of a reset mentality in me. For me, winter to spring is all about healthy habits and refreshing things whilst summer to autumn always inspires me to get things in order. It might be the years of back to school routines, or perhaps the knowledge that life is always a little bit trickier in the winter, but this time every year I find myself craving a reorganisation.

With this spirit very much upon me at the moment, I have a little project for September, and it's called A Simple September (#asimpleseptember). For me, the heart of keeping everything well and in order is, you guessed it: simplicity. More and more I find myself asking, what's the simple answer, or what's the most simple thing to do.

Every day in September I'll be sharing a simplicity tip that I've put into practice in my own life that I hope might help you or inspire some more simplicity in your life. I'll share one tip a day on my Instagram Stories and they will all be really quick, straightforward things to implement, but that hopefully will have much farther reaching impact than the effort they take. These tips will impact your home, self care, digital life and more and hopefully by the end of the month, we'll all be feeling a little more simplified and streamlined.

I also plan to devote September to sharing moments of simplicity using the hashtag #asimpleseptember, and I'd love for you to join me in sharing the simple moments in your day; your morning tea or coffee, an impromptu afternoon walk, or your favourite dinner that you cannot wait to dig into. You know the kind; the sort of thing that isn't usually exciting but makes you feel amazing, despite it's simplicity.

When I look at the photo above, I can hardly believe it was only taken one month ago, and that now I'm sitting under a blanket, so ready to light the woodburning stove, but you gotta love England for it's seasons, crazy weather and all. Here's to a new season, of simplicity.