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A summer bucket list (with free printable)

A summer bucket list (with free printable)


With summer well and truly upon us (yay!), we’ve created a bucket list full of fun things to do as a family this summer.

Even though so many of us look forward to travelling abroad at this time of year, the UK is also at its very best come the summer. Warmer temperatures, extra long days and beautiful countryside bursting into flower means there is so much to enjoy at home.


  • Have a picnic in the sunshine
  • Visit a pick your own fruit farm
  • Collect flowers and press them
  • Take a trip to the seaside
  • Stay up and watch the sunset (a fire-pit and toasted marshmallow optional)
  • Grow some flowers (foxgloves, lupins and delphiniums are so good options during summer)
  • Make home-made lemonade Visit an outdoor swimming pool
  • Play cricket in the garden or at the park
  • Cook and eat outside
  • Camp in the back garden
  • Climb a hill and enjoy the view
  • Learn to identify some trees by their leaves
  • Go on a bike ride somewhere new
  • Fly a kite
  • Make your own ice lollies

You can download a free printable list here with space to write your own list. Please share what you have planned this summer in the comments.