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Our Favourite Children’s Books

Our Favourite Children’s Books


I don’t know about you but being able to snuggle up and read a book whether at bedtime or during the day has been a saving grace during this cold winter lockdown. Our children’s book shelf is stuffed with almost 6 years worth of books bought or gifted. Though I’m usually great at keeping our possessions minimal I find this almost impossible with children’s book and I expect will be bale to start my own library by the time my kids have grown up. Amongst the hoards of books there are a few very favourites that seem to stand the test of time. I thought I’d share some of them, in case you’re looking for some inspiration…

1/ Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Diary This was one of my favourite’s when I was little and it stands the test of time. Rhyming, loveable characters and so funny.

2/ The Paper Dolls A beautiful story about memory, creativity and loss. Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations are magical and Julia Donaldson’s storytelling is hard to beat.

3/ Paddington’s Post A fun Paddington Bear book, with lots of letters, which make it so interactive for younger children. This has been my 3 year old’s favourite book this year.

4/ Welcome to our World My five year old loves this book that takes the reader around the world discovering new languages, traditions and the different ways people live.

A couple the new books we got for Christmas are:

5/ The Girls This was bought for my daughter by my best friend and tells a beautiful story of female friendships through the years and the significance they have on our lives. I spotted there is also a book called The Boys which I’ll definitely be getting for my son.

6/ The Worrysaurus From Rachel Bright (we also love The Squirrels that Squabbled, The Lion Inside and The Koala who Could), this is a lovely tale that coaches children through the experience of worrying. It’s a perfect book to read in a uncertain climate like ours right now, especially for our dinosaur-mad son.

I’d love to hear your recommendations and the books you read over and over.

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