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Memories from your Mother

Memories from your Mother

As a mother, so much of your daily life, actions and thoughts revolve around your children; whether they are brand new, or have grown up and moved out. The focus of our relationships with our children is on them, not us, but before we were mothers we were individuals with unique experiences.

The same is true for our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers going back forever, but how much do you really know about your mother, let alone grandmother, and how much do your children know about you? My children are one and three, so they know very little other than that I mother them, but I know there is so much more. Each of us holds a wealth of stories, so valuable to the people that love us the most.

With Mother’s Day only a month away, I am so pleased to be launching a new memory book dedicated to Mothers. Memories from your Mother is our latest heirloom memory book, designed in the same style as Birthday Letters to my Baby but with a whole different story in mind; yours (and your Mum’s and Grandma’s).

The book has 112 prompted pages filled with questions for you to answer. Starting from when you were a baby and detailing your life; your family, your school, your homes, your travels, your career, falling in love, becoming a mother and a section for writing all about your innermost self. The book ends with a space for life lessons for your children and who knows maybe even for your grandchildren. I’ll certainly be sending one to my grandma, as I think it will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

Though we think the stories we have to tell are ordinary, to our children they are precious and to our great-grandchildren they will be an amazing record of another time; a time that will almost certainly seem like a different world.

For those we have raised, and those who will never meet us, our ordinary days will be extraordinary, and in writing them down as family treasures, maybe we will remember to see them for the extraordinary days they truly are.