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Unique Mother's Day gifts

Unique Mother's Day gifts


With Mother’s Day in only two weeks it’s time to think about what to get for the most important lady in your life. I’m a major fan of gift hunting, but also feel a lot of pressure to get a gift that is just right for the person in question. This can be so difficult when it’s someone you don’t know that well, but hopefully a little easier with someone as close as your mama. For those hunting for unique gifts I thought I’d share a few ideas I’ve found and love.

1/ Nurture by Carole Bamford

2/ Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisturiser by Herbivore

3/ Raw Quartz Earrings by Decadorn

4/ Radiance Boost Mask by Bobbi Brown

5/ Dusty Rose Velvet Cushion by Layered Lounge

6/ Birthday Letters to my Baby by Emily Rollings

7/ Memories from your Mother by Emily Rollings

8/ Blue handmade fruit bowl by Julie Reilly

9/ Sleep Time Bath and Body Oil by Nikki Hill Apothecary